About Paul Tank
& The Method

My name is Paul Tank, the creator of Conscious Breathing & Movement. I began researching preventative methods of healing over thirty years ago, exploring many Eastern and Western methods of philosophy, psychology, nutrition, breathing, emotional maturity, and movement. In 1981, I obtained a license as a massage therapist and in 1983, I graduated as a certified Feldenkrais® teacher after a four year training course under the directions of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais, the influence of Carl Stough’s “Breathing Coordination”, and “body/mind modalities”, I designed an easy to do method that produces profound results for people of any age or ability, in only sixteen minutes a day.

Because of the time constraints people have today, I wanted to develop a system that could be performed five or six days a week with the most benefits for health, in the shortest amount of time possible. I also needed a system that would not be boring, easy to do, and create deep relaxation so that people would be motivated to stick to it.

Through countless hours of experimentation the sixteen minute lessons for Conscious Breathing & Movement were born. I also developed a Movement Meditation that takes only eighteen minutes to perform once a day. This meditation creates profound relaxation for stress reduction as well as releases contraction of muscles throughout the body which is excellent for back, neck and shoulder pain.

What I wanted was to have people empower themselves with a system that they could learn on their own. Since I am also interested in health and longevity, I have integrated a way to bring more oxygen to the body with a unique breathing method while doing the movement sequences throughout the lessons. This process relaxes your muscles for faster results, and keeps you motivated from the natural high you feel by doing it. You also experience an aerobic workout at the same time.

Even though the foundation of this work is for pain and stress it has a wide range of other benefits because the causes for this are inter-connected. I personally will be doing this method for the rest of my life, not because I have back, neck or shoulder pain, but because of all the benefits it gives me. The real understanding of this work comes from experiencing it.

The Conscious Breathing and Movement Foundation, is for future development of new ideas to help you in the best way possible. What you have now is a method that is easy-to-do, but profound in its results.

Conscious Breathing & Movement Has Been Applied To:

Persons with restricted breathing and respiratory disease,

Neurological dysfunctions, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis,

Pregnancy, heart and circulatory complications,

Scoliosis, kyphosis, lower back, shoulder and neck pain,

Digestive, emotional problems, and addictive behavior,

Stress, tension, and fatigue,

Osteoporosis, arthritis, and movement restrictions,

Voice problems, singing, and speaking projection,

Healthy people who want to look and feel better, and,

Performing artists and athletes who want to refine their skills

Conscious Breathing and Movement Will Help:

Increase energy,

Boost your immune system,

Prevent prostate and cervical cancer,

Strengthen your internal organs,

Promote mental alertness,

Slow down the ageing process,

Fight infections, diseases and allergies,

Control pain and avoid injuries,

Promote faster healing,

Relax muscles to reduce stress,

Improve the quality of sleep,

Lower blood pressure,

Relieve breathlessness,

Perform daily activities with greater ease,

Increase awareness in sport activities,

Eliminate or reduce addictions and neurosis,

Tone muscles and reduce fat tissue,

Enhance skills for performing artists and athletes,

Improve speaking and singing voice,

Improve posture, range of movement and coordination.

“From my e-book I teach you the thinking behind my method to enhance your experience for the best possible results. I am constantly experimenting to make what ever I develop very attainable for everyone with multiple results at the same time”

Paul Tank

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