Pain and Stress Reduction,
A Newly Discovered Technique

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Do you know that Pain and stress reduction can easily be attained when you understand how to use your body intelligently? Because we don’t pay attention on how to breathe and move efficiently we developed faulty breathing and restrictive movement habits, which develop into stiffness, soreness, tension and unnecessary pain. The key to resolve our stress, aches and pains is through the conscious attention we give to our habits of movement.

The most superior solution to pain and stress reduction is from the practice of performing non-habitual movements. These are movements that are different than the habitual ones you use in your everyday activities. As you perform non-habitual movements you activate muscles that you haven’t used in a long time.

The more muscles you activate during movement, the less effort you will use. Children and teenagers seldom go to the doctors for back, neck and shoulder complaints because they stimulate a wide variety of muscles from the different types of movements they perform like crawling, reaching, turning and climbing. We have stopped doing many of the varieties of movements years ago that most children naturally do, and as a consequence of this, we suffer with unnecessary aches and pains and live in more stress.

The easiest way to acquire a stress and pain free life is to practice a deep breathing method while performing several non-habitual movements each day. As you learn to apply these practical ideas to your life you will start to help yourself re-connect with your innate ability to move effortlessly so everything you do become easier as well as discover how your body is designed to work.

For pain and stress reduction to be affective you have to repeat them slowly many times. This learning provides information to the neuromuscular system and allows you to abandon habitual patterns in your brain and develop new alternatives of moving with better coordination like children naturally do. You will also discover that when you move easier you look and feel younger as well.

The gift you receive by practicing these ideas is that you are learning to reduce force and increase sensitivity so your daily activities are easier to do. This information is so important to remember if you truly want to eliminate back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as stress. This may be the only pain reduction solutions that work for you in the long run and is needed more as we age.

Exercise is different from learning how to move your body efficiently. Exercise has its place but intelligent natural healing movements will give you multiple benefits as you practice them daily. Many of us are not used to seeing how many parts of movement work together to make the whole action we perform easier.

We use bicycle machines to burn fat and to increase heart rate but this activity only strengthens our already over-worked legs, which can unbalance us, unless we know how to correct it. We have gadgets for buns of steel or the gut buster for the abdominal muscles. We know how to tighten our muscles but don’t know how to relax them, so they can all work together to create less wear on our joints and ligaments as we age.

You may develop neck pain because your shoulders are too tight or have pain in your back because your leg muscles and upper back muscles are also tense. This is why you need all of your muscles performing in synchronization instead of disjointed movements. Exercise programs which teach you total muscle coordination is a better choice.

We can develop clumsy movement habits from exercise systems that strengthen or over stretch certain muscles. This situation creates more wear on our joints and ligaments. When your muscles are toned equally, all of your daily activities are performed with greater ease and less “wear and tear” which is the best solution for pain and stress reduction.

This process to change is the same as playing a musical instrument because you are performing non-habitual movements many times to change an old habit to a better one. If we still have faulty movement patterns in our brain, we will continue to move in ways that create that pain in our back or pain between our shoulders, etc.

Because this information is not well known, I designed a practical system that teaches people how to use their bodies more intelligently in an easy-to-do way for pain and stress reduction. In a period of ten years this method evolved to greater heights than I could ever have expected. From many hours of experimenting, a profound breathing method was designed to strengthen the diaphragm with self-correcting movements; thereby, improving posture, range of movement, coordination, mental clarity, creativity, and the body’s ability to use oxygen.

This information is unlike any other, which uses the same muscles for movement while doing what your body already knows. We have over three hundred muscles in our bodies, and we need all them to work in harmony as the best solution for pain and stress reduction.

Transforming Yourself SMARTER, Not HARDER

“Over sixty percent of all human health complaints are the result of restrictive breathing and movement patterns. Most can be resolved through deep breathing and non-habitual movements performed for several minutes each day”

Paul Tank

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