Introduction to
Low Back Pain Relief

Da Vinci's

Part One

If you need the answers to low back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain as well as stress reduction, I would like to present you with the solutions that are unlike anything else you have discovered. Social, political, and commercial information can make it very difficult for us to find something that is truly authentic and gives us the results it promises. This is why I have dedicated over thirty years questioning, experiencing and validating the authenticity of many systems.

As a breathing and movement teacher I have always been interested in human development and what really works for me in the best way possible so I can teach it to you. I realized if a method for pain and stress reduction takes a lot of time to do with minimal results I don't want it and I am sure you don't want it either.

How many times have you tried a program for low back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain and were disappointed by the results you received or felt it was not the total answer but just patch work? The reason for this is that no mater what problem you want to resolve, you need two or three other powerful solutions that all work together to help you for the best possible results.

In my search for answers I have always been tricked many times in the past by listening to claims of one product or technique that can do it all for us or like many who want one magic bullet to solve everything. The real truth is that there is no single solution that works by itself for low back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain or stress.

From dedicated research, I discovered three of the most powerful solutions that all work together to help the whole person, physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, to give you the best possible results. Even though these three keys are simple as well as easy to apply to your life, they are badly neglected by many people and through experience I realized that if anyone is left out the results you gain will be minimal.

The first key for low back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain is breathing and movement. I realized that we need to change our fixed habits of breathing and movement that cause most of our problems in the first place. I realized that movement becomes a greater priority as we age because we all need more agility, mental clarity, and coordination, but most of us develop faulty breathing and restrictive movement habits.

This state of being ages us faster and from the ridged movement habits, we create unnecessary body pain, which results in looking older than we need to. Much of society conditions us to develop these habitual conditions which are not necessary. There is no need for concern because I will help you discover the easiest way to reverse this situation for the better.

For you to solve these problems it is necessary to change your dysfunctional habits to healthier new ones. The only way this can be done is through practicing non-habitual movements, which will allow more of your muscles to work together to create less effort in all of our daily activities. This is a big part of the solution for low back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain or stress.

The two other essential key secrets to help you for pain reduction, health and well being are the proper use of water and alkalizing foods for your body. They facilitate you to eliminate dietary and metabolic acids from your body, which are the major causes of stress, disease and pain. These two keys are absolutely necessary if you want to have the very best solutions to be a healthy human being.

When I started to add water to my life with the other two keys I began to feel absolutely incredible as well as understood why hundreds of diseases can be prevented by just drinking the appropriate amounts of water daily. Most people know that water is good for them, but do not know that 70% of the population is dehydrated while contributing to unnecessary pain and suffering.

From my research, I have found that many people with breathing complications have lungs that are dried up because of dehydration and this will cause the results of their breathing practice will be very limited. This is why we need three aspects working together to be totally healthy as well as pain and stress free.

When you understand how to use water properly and alkalizing foods into your daily breathing and movement practice, you will have the complete solution for low back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain or stress and the easiest way to adapt it to your life. Click below for Part Two!

Low Back Pain Relief Introduction