Introduction Part Two
-Low Back Pain Relief

Because most people today have minimal time left from all of their daily activities and sometimes working two jobs, I have taken this into consideration so everyone can achieve this program. I also designed a ten minute program for the extremely busy person and the unique self-correcting movements you can perform in bed in as little as five minutes for a sounder sleep, as well as low back pain relief. I have spent over ten years to develop this program to give you multiple results in the least amount of time so that anyone can learn it easily and everyone can benefit from it no matter what their state of health.

I have been doing this program for many years now, and it has given me profound results that I never dreamed possible. I developed this program for anti ageing, pain and stress reduction, coordination and much more. Even though I originally created this program for myself, I am offering you a free twenty-one day guided course to prove to you how beneficial this method can be. I really care and feel a need to share this program for those who want real answers.

The self-healing movement lessons are designed to self-correct your posture and the unique breathing technique, “The Breath Flutter” brings about very deep relaxation in your muscles for stress reduction. This state is essential for low back pain relief, as well as help you burn fats and toxins by increasing oxygen to your cells.

I feel very excited and satisfied because the real power in creating this method is accomplished as you performed the breathing technique at the same time you do each movement. This creates more oxygen in the body’s cells so your muscles respond quicker as well as creating very deep relaxation for pain and stress reduction. I really feel there are few methods that can give you the multiple results like this one.

As you experience the gentle movement lessons, you will also increase the sense of being fully in your body and living more in the present instead of your thoughts being mostly in the past or in the future. As you discover how to live more in your body you will create less "wear and tear" on your joints and ligaments while you move about with a coordinated ease of movement.

You may doubt or question how all of these results could be possible or think this is just hype but every positive result has a logical explanation. Hydrating yourself with water and eating more alkalizing foods is obvious to understand but the gains you experience from the breathing and movement is a little harder to comprehend. It is from the conscious attention you give to repetitive non-habitual movements that create the changes in you.

To create the multiple changes for you with this method, I added many aspects, which are performed at the same time you repeat the non-habitual movements. As an example, when you perform the Breath Flutter you contract your perineum muscle as you inhale. This contraction is a preventative measure for prostate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women because it creates more oxygen to your cells in this area.

You will discover when you practice the non-habitual movements from this practice you start to move about like a younger person again and because of this you even look more youthful. Not to boast, but because I am also more flexible and move like a younger person from performing this method, many people cannot believe my age. Even though you may have stress or pain, being more agile is equally important for low back pain relief, or neck and shoulder pain.

I am so pleased to let you know that you now have a second chance to help yourself and will be presently surprised by the multiple results you gain if you put this work into a daily practice.

Never forget that you can't have one solution to cure anything because life does not work this way. Taking medication is one solution that seldom works in the long run. Even though this information is common sense, many practitioners lose sight of it.

The Three Necessary Keys for Radiant Health, Abundant Energy and a Pain Free Life

KEY # 1 ─Water & Salt
“Water and Salt are the basis for all of life and is the nutrients and medicines for the body. The exact balance of water and the right type of salt makes everything in the body function to the highest order.

Water and salt are absolutely necessary to reduce pain within us. Without this abundant energy source, self-discipline and the ability to reach your dreams become lessened.

KEY # 2 ─Breathing & Movement
Many people on this planet move and breathe in ways that are very detrimental to their health: their breathing and movement are restricted. They lack the awareness of how to breathe and move with quality, ease and grace.

Nearly all physical, mental, and emotional problems can be linked to disturbances in breathing and movement. Many older people with hunched backs and crooked bodies have an unnatural condition which develops from the improper use of the skeleton by not feeling how to move their body intelligently.

KEY # 3 ─Alkalizing Foods
In today’s world with the fast-food industry and the standard American diet, we are eating more and more acid-forming foods. This in turn creates a highly acidic state in our body tissues and is the foundation for most of our diseases. This is the main reason why so many of us are over-weight and experience diminished health as well as feeling more pain in our bodies.

All of these conditions can be counteracted by eating more alkalizing foods, which will create a healthy acid/alkaline balance (pH) for our inner terrain.

“No matter if your interest is in health & longevity, relief from back, neck and shoulder pain, stress reduction, weight management, giving up addictive habits or living more in the present moment the solution for every one of your concerns is the same. This method is revolutionary and has been developed to bring you an exceptional program that really works”

Paul Tank —Creator of Conscious Breathing & Movement

“Deep breathing exercises that oxygenate your cells are the most effective way to live without disease in your life.”

—Dr. Otto Warburg, two-time Nobel Prize Winner