Discover why Low Back Pain Exercise Can Cause Harm

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The truth about low back pain exercise or neck or shoulder pain exercises is that they are very limited in creating permanent results because it is not an exercise technique that you need but instead a variety of slow gentle non-habitual movements. By performing them in the right way you can change your restrictive movement habits that are causing the pain in the first place and replacing them with healthy new ones. The stiffness, soreness and tension we experience in our bodies are caused from our limited habits of movement.

Through the years, I have found in my practice that many people have back pain because their shoulders are too tight or their upper trunk is too ridged. This means that all their muscles are not working in coordination to help each other perform best. A person can have a perfectly good back, but they may be experiencing pain in the back because their upper trunk is too ridged, which causes their back to do most of the workload.

Very seldom do you see chimpanzees or young children performing low back pain exercise for back, neck and shoulder pain but instead witness them doing a variety of movements like crawling, reaching, twisting and jumping. This activity keeps their bodies more flexible, and is why they do not get the aches and pains that we experience as we age. In fact, we need to do more movements as we age because our adult habits of movement have become very limited and restricted from our life-style, which cause us much discomfort.

As we age, we spend a minimal if any time sitting on a floor, crawling, jumping or turning like we use to do when we were younger. We have greatly diminished our senses with our limited movement habits and when this happens to us,we lose our instinctive sense that tells us when we need to move our bodies. Children and animals do this naturally.

If you look at mature adults you can notice that they mostly move in a very awkward way and have trunks that are not flexible but ridged. This is because they have a sensory-motor amnesia that developed over the years as a result of being unconscious to how their body works best. Senior persons as well as most people have become disconnected from themselves as a consequence of not knowing how to move their bodies intelligently with efficient movement patterns.

With sensory-motor amnesia many people do not live in their bodies but wear them and live in their heads while developing many aches and pains that are absolutely unnecessary. It is hard to see and understand this when most of the society move their bodies in ways that are detrimental to their health. The only solution is to sense and learn how to move your body with gentle self-correcting movements that will remarkably improve your life.

If you identify with what is written here, you should now begin to understand why low back pain exercise as well as shoulder and neck exercises are quite limited. Animals and children do not exercise but instead perform a variety of movements, which are a natural prevention to back, neck and shoulder pain.

Most of us have been conditioned to think in pieces and not see the whole story of needing all of our muscles gently toned and all working together in a coordinated action so the workload of the muscles is distributed equally. Even if you have back pain from an accident, a variety of gentle self-correcting movements will greatly reduce the pain and in time may diminish it all together. You are the only person that can find which variety of non-habitual movements works best for you.

The danger of only doing low back pain exercise is that it can unbalance other parts of us because all of our muscles need to be equally toned and all working together. A healthy child’s muscles are toned and balanced for coordination, but as they get older this balancing diminishes, unless they remain conscious of movement. The habits we create from our daily activities and the jobs we do can have an unbalancing effect on our muscles. This is why it is so important for us to have a movement program that will give us a variety of movements like children naturally have.

When you perform a variety of self-correcting movements instead of just low back pain exercise the force of gravity will eventually move evenly through your skeleton in the most intelligent way so all of your daily activities are easier to do. Even top athletes need to do a movement program to balance their body’s overly tight muscles. Physically, and mentally, the greater variety of movements you perform,the younger you will feel, think, and look.

The most excellent program you would like to do for life is one that is gentle, easy to do, not boring as well as giving you multiple benefits in the shortest time possible without compromising its benefits. It should include a deep breathing technique because it works together with movement for profound results. Programs like Tai Chi or Chi Gong are very gentle processes with a variety of repetitive movements for your whole body in addition to the one I offer to you in my e-book or my free mini-course.

To change your restrictive movement habits, you have to change the patterns in your brain to more efficient ones. Learning to play a musical instrument and moving your body efficiently is the same process because they both need a lot of repetitions to play them well. A program like this one costs minimal in comparison to the money people spend on medications for pain and stress reduction. This method is beyond any program of low back pain exercise.

"A superior program is one that is stimulating and can be performed for life no matter what your state of health or age. When all of your muscles are working in harmony, your daily activities will be performed with minimal effort. A pain free life is your greatest asset which you cannot buy for any price but only learn to experience it"

Paul Tank

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