Importance of Hydration for
Pain and Stress Reduction

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Water is a Necessary Food!The importance of hydration with water is one of the biggest secrets to health and should be considered as a food for us because our bodies are 75% water and our brains are 85%. Most people know that water is good for them but have no idea how essential it is for us because today 70% of the population is dehydrated, and it is very rampant among the older generation.

The truth is that dehydration can cause many diseases like asthma, hypertension, stress, peptic ulcers, allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. We created an imbalance in ourselves since childhood because we did not fully understand the importance of hydration for our health.

Commercialism and lifestyles make people dependent on soda, juices and medications which create a self-imposed restriction on our body’s needs. Many of us are being conditioned to have a preference for the taste of soda, coffee and other beverages which results in reducing the instinctive urge to drink water even when sodas are not available. Medicine does a terrible disservice to mankind because it does not cure the problem of many diseases that could be resolved with just water alone.

• Hypertension is not cured, but treated throughout a lifetime with drugs

• Asthma is not cured: inhalers are the constant companion of the afflicted

• Peptic ulcers are not cured: antacids have to be nearby all the time

• Allergy is not cured: the victim is always dependent on medication

• Arthritis is not cured: it eventually cripples

There are over twelve million children living with asthma and with the threat of death. The sad truth is that we are condemning our children to a disease that could be significantly improved or cured if everyone was taught the importance of hydration. I now know that I could not truly help people with breathing complications, as well as low back, neck or shoulder pain, unless they hydrated with water every day and ate more alkalizing foods such as salads and green vegetables, which I discuss in another article.

Because we are alkaline by design and acidic by function, it is absolutely important to flush acidic toxins from our bodies through breathing, movement exercises, sweating and elimination. We need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day depending on our body weight. This may seem like a lot of water to drink, but it is absolutely necessary if we want to be healthy.

When you become hydrated with water, drinking eight or ten glasses of water a day will be easy to do. To calculate how much water you need to drink a day just take your body weight in pounds and divide it in half to drink one ounce per pound of body weight. What this means is if you weigh one hundred and forty pounds you divide it in half, which is seventy pounds and this works out to drink seventy ounces of water a day.

As we age, we become more acidic in our bodies because our metabolism is slower and our habits of movement are less. We accumulate toxins/acids from the polluted air we breathe, from the toxins in our food and by not drinking enough water, which can result in unpleasant body odors as well as being susceptible to diseases. Also, when our bodies are rigid, and our breathing is restricted, we accumulate more toxins and acids, which create more pain and stress in us.

Did you know that all medications are acidic to your body? This is why natural methods are better for us in the long run. With the combination of breathing, movement and water, you will have the best solution to flush toxins from your body as well as eating more alkalizing foods like salads.

As you begin to understand the importance of hydration and eating more alkalizing foods, you will start to change your life radically. This is the foundation to all curative processes, whether it is pain from accident, negative movement habits or psychological stress, this is the true information you really need to know.

How We Can Hydrate OurselvesThe morning is the best time to drink a lot of water because during our sleep time our bodies repair and eliminate toxins from our cells. In the morning, our bodies are more acidic from our nights sleep. I drink half a litre of water on getting up in the morning and again another half a litre of water very slowly about forty minutes later. It is important to begin to hydrate ourselves very slowly because most of us have been dehydrated for a long time, and if you drink too much to start with, you may find this too hard on your kidneys and digestion.

When you start to drink more water, you may feel tired because of the toxins coming out of your body but this evens out shortly. You will become less tired as your body cleanses itself from toxins. It is also important to sleep more during this transition. The importance of hydration is not as difficult as you think. Our instinct to drink water has been distorted by our lifestyle habits and will take a month or so to bring them back. To start with, the morning is the best time to drink as much as you can.

When I first started, I found drinking one litre of water in the morning was difficult, but now it is very easy. You can drink eight ounces of water between meals and half an hour before the meal. Water before the meal helps your digestion to be more efficient, and you will also eat less. Let your body teach you through the experience and not your head.

Water is a food for the cells, and it fills you up. You will find that drinking two litres or more a day is not hard if you create a plan for it. The more you hydrate yourself; your body will naturally let you know when you need to drink more water.

Keeping your brain healthy is also another reason for the importance of hydration. Your brain is about 85% water and without enough water and salt, it will not function properly. Dehydration destroys brain cells and contributes to Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember! If you dislike the taste of water, this is because you have been dehydrated for years. Go slowly and you will find that in time you will really start to appreciate water as well as all the benefits you will gain. If you like you can add a few mint leaves to the water to flavor it.

Many conditions that are labeled as psychological disorders are instead, symptoms of serious dehydration. Some of these symptoms are:

• Fatigue, Low self-esteem or activated pain body

• Agoraphobia —fear and dread of public places

• Dependence on beverages of alcohol, coffee, sodas and sweet drinks, anger, frustration or anxiety

• Excess emotional drama and Depression

• Physical symptoms like headaches, back pain, ulcers and arthritis are mostly caused from dehydration

If you are new to this information, and it seems very hard to believe, I can assure you that by knowing the importance of hydration through your personal experience you will gain the best of understanding. Also I back up this information with lots of proof in my e-book. I can understand that if most people are dehydrated and medication is the only option they know for their difficulties, they would find this information hard to believe as well.

Do you think the importance of hydration is not well known by the masses is because there is no profit in telling people to drink water, when commercialism is running the show? My intention is to give you the best and truthful information with integrity that I can find because I feel compassion for the thousands of people who are pointlessly suffering. I teach what people neglect the most as well as important health information that can profoundly change them.

“If any breathing experts, medical doctors, or healers, do not include the proper education of self-correcting movements, the importance of hydration and alkalizing foods in their program, they are sadly off the mark to totally helping people”

Paul Tank

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