Best Breathing Exercises for
Low Back Pain

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Applying breathing exercises for low back pain, neck and shoulders as well as stress reduction is more important than ever because there is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere today making it is especially difficult to live a relaxed and healthy life. Oxygen is necessary for pain management because oxygen relaxes your muscles as carbon dioxide creates tension. Nearly all physical, mental, and emotional problems can be linked to disturbances in breathing, or more specifically, to a lack of oxygen in the cells of the body.

Insufficient oxygen makes relaxation difficult and degrades both the circulatory and neurological systems. Since the respiratory system affects all the other main systems of the body as well as the diaphragm which is the foundation of the respiratory system, your best strategy for superior health and pain management is to strengthen the diaphragm with efficient breathing. A strong diaphragm gives maximum oxygen to your heart and relaxes your muscles for pain relief and stress reduction while burning fats and toxins at the same time.

Most exercise programs teach breathing separate from movement and also focus on increasing the inhale. This does not strengthen your diaphragm to rise higher in the chest cavity to maintain a lower volume of carbon dioxide while oxygenating the cells. It is the lengthening of the exhale in the proper way that strengthens your diaphragm for maximum breathing potential and not the inhale.

There have been millions of dollars spent by doctors, scientists and biologists searching for the “Number One Factor” that contributes most to health and longevity. A large military computer was used to store massive amounts of information to find this truth. First they had four hundred factors that contributed to health and longevity, and then they reduced it to five and eventually to One Factor, which is breathing as well as your body’s ability to utilize oxygen.

In the winter months in cold climates many people have died during the night because their windows were closed and thereby reducing air circulation. There are people who sleep outside at night because they know how important it is to have fresh air in their lives. Your best defense is to always have a window open for fresh air in your environment, develop a flexible rib cage with the self-correcting movements and applying the breathing exercises for low back pain, neck and shoulder.

It is very important to remove toxins from your body through breathing exercises for low back pain because toxins contribute to experience more pain as they are acidic. All Medications are acidic and contribute to you feeling more pain in your body and even if you take medication for pain control the medication is still toxic and acidic to your system. Breathing and movement are your best defense for pain management along with drinking the right amount of water.

The “Breath Flutter” which I have named the breathing technique is the absolute power behind this method because of all the physical changes it creates in the body. The Breath Flutter has taken many years to develop: it teaches you how to help yourself without total dependence on a breathing practitioner. The Breath Flutter helps you to engage all the muscles of breathing through exhaling and with all of your muscles working together, your diaphragm can strengthen and rise higher in your chest cavity.

It is by strengthening your diaphragm through the exhale that you will produce more oxygen to you cells, which make your breathing exercises for low back pain more powerful than other systems that focus on the inhale. A proper breathing and movement session also creates an abundance of endorphins (natural painkillers) by creating a relaxation response, which is essential for pain control and stress management.

If you wish to learn the amazing Breath Flutter you can experience it from my twenty one day free video course. It is easy to do and takes about thirty minutes to learn how to do it well. You will discover the only way to strengthen your diaphragm for maximum breathing potential and pain control.

How to Apply Breathing in Your Life for Different Applications

In Public (In the Car, On the Bus, Or At a Meeting) • You can increase your oxygen level and relax your muscles by discreetly doing The Breath Flutter anywhere you like. • This may help you reduce enough pain so that you do not need to take medication for it. • It is also a great way to clear your mind and wake you up in the morning. • You can also do the Breath Flutter at a public talk if the speaker is boring. People can’t see you doing it and the benefits are well worth it.

Walking and Cycling• Use the Breath Flutter to increase your level of oxygenation as you walk or cycle outdoors. • Because there is more muscular activity and demand for oxygen during exercise, you will need to apply it after every two or three breaths.

Swimming• Never hold your breath while swimming. There have been Olympic athletes who have developed emphysema and other respiratory diseases later in life because of faulty breathing habits and holding of the breath too long. • While you swim under water always blow air slowly out of your mouth to protect your lungs. • Breathing exercises for low back pain, neck and shoulder pain are very beneficial to do in water because the pressure of gravity is less.

When Sick or In the Hospital • The Breath Flutter and gentle movements in bed are the most beneficial practice to help you recover from sickness or injury. • Accumulated toxins and even medications can interfere with the natural healing process. • Furthermore, many hospitals today do not have enough staff to help you heal through walking and exercising, which provides the basis for an adequate recovery program.

“The deep relaxation you experience from the breathing exercises for low back pain, neck and shoulder pain becomes very self-motivating because it feels pleasurable to do. This experience becomes even better after several months of practice. For those with no pain this method is exceptional for stress relief”

Paul Tank

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