Why this e-book Is Necessary For Pain & Stress Reduction

As we age, most of us acquire faulty breathing and restrictive body movement habits resulting in stiffness, soreness and tension and a life of unnecessary aches and pains, which ages us faster than necessary. This condition can be reversed when you know how.

70% of the population is dehydrated today and consuming more acid-forming foods like pizzas, soft drinks, coffee, pastries, etc. This situation creates an acidic condition in your body and also increases stress and pain in the body.

Many people believe our aches and pains are the result of ageing, and something we have to live with, but as you begin to understand all the causes for this, recovery from pain and stress is absolutely possible. I will show you how to change all of this with gentle self-correcting movements as well as easy-to-achieve adjustments to your lifestyle.

To Reduce Pain & Stress You Will Discover How To:

Create very deep relaxation with a unique breathing technique

Improve your posture and coordination with self-correcting movements

Master emotions and increase mental clarity

Reduce wear and tear in your joints and ligaments

Hydrate with water and balance your pH

Stimulate your internal healing ability

What Makes This Method Unique?

This method is unique because it addresses every aspect that contributes to pain and stress with nothing left out. It is by combining all of the causes together that you achieve the best results possible. Because very few programs deal with all of these points equally, your results are not what they could be.

Paul Tank has explored preventative and life-extension methods of healing in Eastern and Western thought for over thirty years. He graduated in 1983 as a Certified Movement Teacher from the four-year training course under the guidance of famed movement expert and author, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Based on his work and other body/mind modalities, Paul created Conscious Breathing & Movement (CBM), with a unique breathing technique, The Breath Flutter. This process is gentle, easy-to-do and produces profound results for people of any age or ability, in only sixteen minutes a day.

This New Discovery is extraordinary because it involves the total person,
-physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. It has taken over twenty years of preparation, working with countless clients, to create a self-healing system that is easy-to-do, for your whole life to keep you pain and stress free. Doctors, physiotherapists, top athletes, and yoga teachers will also find the information in this book invaluable.

The End Results

1. You will discover how your body works as well as how to use it more intelligently to reduce or eliminate pain and stress.
2. You will develop an inner sense of self-healing and be less dependent on outside sources to help you.
3. You will now know how to help yourself and use these tools whenever you need to.

To achieve maximum results, you need the right combination of solutions to work in harmony for the best possible outcome. When this is mastered, a revolutionary method is born. Your health, energy, and a long pain-free life are the greatest assets you will ever have, and well worth the information contained in this e-book!

Please Note! Because I want everyone to purchase this e-book without question, I have reduced the price by more than 50%. The value of this e-book at $7.00 is worth three or four times as much. You can also purchase a hard copy of the book "Conscious Pain & Stress Reduction from www.amazon.com.

More than ten years of experimentation has been put into this original work to make it the most user friendly system you can ever do.

The Donation

With the purchase of this e-book, 30% of your payment will be donated to the Pain and Stress Foundation for future development of new lessons, DVD's and products to maximize your life to the fullest. You will also have instant access to new products and lessons with the purchase of my book, Conscious Pain & Stress Reduction.

Over 60% of all human health complaints are the result of restrictive breathing and movement patterns. Most can be resolved through deep breathing and non-habitual movements performed for several minutes each day. A pain- free life is your greatest asset which you cannot buy for any price but only learn to experience it

Paul Tank