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Ageing with Quality, Ease & Grace

Many people have not learned the real anti ageing secrets or understood the best solutions for pain control, flexibility, coordination or how to develop sharper minds as they age. When you look around you at middle age or elder persons you will notice that many have rounded shoulders, stiff necks and ridged backs and their movements are awkward. Most of us think this is a result of old age or normal but this is an absolute myth.

What you see around you are people who have lost their agility and mental clarity due to sensory-motor amnesia and severe contraction of their muscles. Many of us wear our bodies instead of living in them, which would enable us to function better. This negative state of being leads many of us to live a life of unnecessary effort, aches and pains and not a life of quality, ease and grace.

We have never been taught how to feel or sense the best way of moving in turning, sitting to stand and walking, etc. If we had been taught this our daily movement habits would naturally self-correct our postures as well as create less “wear and tear” on our muscles, joints and ligaments. The best of anti ageing secrets is the conscious attention you give to movement through repetition.

Many people who exercise or stretch their muscles do not give conscious attention to movement and do not get the self-correcting results that would help them. In fact, their minds are focused somewhere else, which would be the same as playing a musical instrument as you watch television at the same time. This awareness of movement needs to be practiced every day like brushing your teeth or combing your hair, and once you learn this process, it will be yours for life.

When you discover how to reduce the effort in movement with conscious attention, you will move easier as well as look and feel younger. This is one of the best anti ageing secrets you can do for yourself. Anti ageing creams can never compare to the results that conscious movements can give you.

Commercialism also affects our bodies because of the excessive addiction to doing crunches for the abdominal muscles. This action results in a person's body alignment being more off with their neck protruding forward as well as creating more contraction and wear on the joints. Having over tight abdominal muscles is not a wise choice for anti ageing secrets. Can you feel that we are the problem but also the solution which no outside authority can help us but ourselves?

If we are not aware, we become dysfunctional in our body years before our time with little understanding of how the body, skeleton, emotions, and mind work. From this we can become closed down, living in unnecessary fear, with rounded shoulders, humped backs, stiff gaits, and maybe using walkers or canes. We have all been educated in a society that makes its money by keeping people ignorant or from the ignorance of people.

Our perceptions of what could be normal and beautiful are lost and most of us do not realize that every one of us could be very supple well into our old age, but instead we have become unbalanced before our time. From this situation, we lose a deeper sense of ourselves and develop sensory-motor amnesia, which ages us faster as well as interferes with all our body systems. When we are not aware of how our bodies, minds and emotions work best for us, the world can make us what it wants.

Unfortunately, many of us become disconnected from our bodies and dull to our senses when all of our attention is on trying to make it in this world as well as living constantly on a treadmill. Even with anti-ageing secrets much of our attention can be on outside appearance, of how we will look to others, instead of how we can function at our very best. My intention is not to sound harsh, but to show you how society can take us off balance if we do not learn about our true values.

Fortunately, there is hope to give you added quality to your life through developing body awareness no matter what your present state of being. It is just a matter of sitting down and asking some serious questions on what are the most important priorities in your life at this time. It is amazing but the best anti ageing secrets for your life if you have stress or pain is gentle slow movement lessons. The astounding thing about this is that it will be the least amount of money you will ever spend for your health.

No outside authority can give you the investment you will spend on yourself, which can take as little as five to ten minutes a day at the minimum for the most positive results. If body awareness was started as a very young age we would not have the problems we see around us today. Because our brain and body are one, the best way to improve your brain is by improving your body through conscious movement.

Movements that are the best to help you stop contracting in your body and grow taller are twisting movements that are practiced in Tai Chi and other martial arts. From the work I teach, there are many twisting movements that are performed mostly lying down to reduce the effects of gravity and make the learning easier.

Most of the self-correcting movements can be performed in bed in the evening and morning to develop healthy non-contracting habits for you. I also developed six movement lessons to educate all of your muscles to reduce contraction as well as create less deterioration to your body. When you give conscious attention to what you are doing the results become cumulative. It’s this simple!

“The best anti ageing secrets and pain reduction is through conscious attention to movement in your daily practice. As you learn this you will start to look & feel younger as well as live life with quality, ease and grace”

Paul Tank

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