How to Reduce
Body Pain & Stress
With Alkaline Diet Foods

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The Power of Alkalizing your Body

The lack of alkaline diet foods and not drinking enough water is the reason more people than ever are getting sick today with every known disease. These illnesses are caused by an acidic condition that accumulates in the body. This state is also caused by polluted air, toxins in water, toxic chemicals in our food, and medications. Because of this we lack energy and feel more pain and stress in our bodies.

In the last hundred years, the mass population is now eating more and more acid-forming foods that have been created by commercialism. Acid forming foods are sugar, flour products, meat, soft drinks and dairy foods, plus all snack foods and most condiments. Places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and all the coffee and doughnut shops were not around one hundred years ago.

90% or more of these foods as well as what you purchase from a grocery store are acid forming and disease producing when not balanced with alkaline diet foods. Babies, teenagers and young adults today are developing diseases that a sixty or seventy year old person develops. The food industry has developed extensive research to addict us to their products, which result in so much unnecessary sickness, pain and stress.

You may think drug addiction destroys lives but sugar, fructose and high acid-forming foods do the same or may even be worse because it is lowering the intelligence of a whole nation. If white sugar and fructose were honestly analyzed today for what it does in the body, it would be taken off the shelf because scientific studies show it is equally damaging as cocaine.

Sugars in foods have created millions of deaths because they are slow-killers, which eventually get the job done. All forms of sugar are poisons to your body because they are highly acidic. An old Chinese proverb says “if you want to hide something put it under their nose.”

If you say, “How can I ever live without sugar?” it is the same as a drug addict saying, “How can I live without my drugs, alcohol or cigarettes”. The reason it is hard to sense the damages of sugar is because it happens very slowly, bit by bit and makes the damage harder to detect until it is too late.

If you feel you have no discipline to change, are lazy and weak, I would like you to know that you are not this way. When you eat too many acidic foods your senses become dull, your energy level is lowered, which makes you feel tired, and you want more addictive substances. Sugar is like giving drugs to a person and asking them to discipline themselves with healthier foods and lifestyle.

It is just a matter of balancing your body with enough alkaline diet foods as well as being hydrated. When you apply this to your life you will have more energy, less stress and pain and have more commitment to follow through on things you want to accomplish in your life.

Acid-forming Foods are Addictive
I would like to show you that being addicted to acid-forming foods is not much different than the behavior of an alcoholic being addicted to alcohol. Both substances alter our body chemistry and change our behavior. Many people who give up alcohol tend to drink a lot more coffee, consume a lot of sugar and eat a lot of sweet white flour products. This behavior makes the body fluids even more acidic and self-discipline very difficult.

A person who is highly acidic in their body fluids will experience more pain in the body, have less energy and a weaker will. In this state, the body has more stress and will be tempted for a quick fix to relax. Furthermore, when a person drink beer, coffee or alcohol they become dehydrated and because of this, they drink even more of the same substance to hydrate themselves and wind up on a roller coaster ride that creates a lot of suffering.

The reason I talk to you about this is to show you that if your body fluids and tissues are also acidic like many people in AA, self discipline will be hard and painful. I believe if people in AA were to learn about alkaline diet foods the percentage of the recovery rates will double or triple, and they would feel less powerless over alcohol or drugs.

Alkaline diet foods give the greatest energy, reduces pain, create enhanced mental clarity, and give you more control over addictive behavior of all sorts. These foods with self-correcting movements, breathing and water will give you a high feeling all day long. This is the way we are meant to be because the cure is not in the treatment, but in the prevention.

Alkaline diet foods are mostly green vegetables, avocados, some fruits, almonds, quinoa, amaranth and some legumes. Some acid forming foods are nuts and seeds, (except almonds), grains (except millet), all animal products, some legumes (lentils, peanuts, dried beans and peas. To keep you fit or if you have stress as well as back neck or shoulder pain, a ratio of 75 to 80% of alkaline foods and 20% or less of acid-forming foods is what you want to strive for. It is your body fluids and tissues that you want to keep more pH balanced.

“If you want to live with less pain, less stress and have radiant health with abundant energy you need to become conscious of the negative side of commercialism”

Paul Tank

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