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Back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain, plus stress reduction is truly achievable when you discover the three essential solutions to heal your body naturally. As we age, most of us acquire faulty breathing and restrictive body movement habits resulting in stiffness, soreness and tension and a life of unnecessary aches and pains which ages us faster than necessary. Many people believe this is something we have to live with, but as you begin to understand the three main causes for this, recovery from pain and stress is absolutely possible.

70% of the population is dehydrated today and consuming more acid forming foods like pizzas, soft drinks, coffee, pastries, etc. This situation creates an acidic condition in your body and seriously prevents total back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain. I will show you how to change this with gentle self-correcting movements as well as easy-to-achieve adjustment to your lifestyle.

For Back Pain Relief, Neck and Shoulder Pain you can learn how to:

Create very Deep Relaxation with the Unique Breathing Technique

Improve your Posture and Coordination with Self-correcting Movements

Master Emotions and Increase Mental Clarity

Reduce “Wear and Tear” in your Joints and Ligaments

Hydrate with Water and Balance your pH

Stimulate your Internal Healing Ability, Plus much more

Everyone can benefit from what I am teaching since this information is based on many years of dedicated practice and scientific facts. As you hydrate with water, eat more alkalizing foods, and combine breathing with self-correcting movements you can totally transform your life as well as triple the results for back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain. This is the information you need!

"To achieve maximum results, is to realize that you need the right combination to work in harmony for the best possible outcome. When this is mastered, a revolutionary method is born."

Paul Tank

Because I care and feel a need to share this revolutionary method, I am offering you a FREE twenty-one-day course.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the positive results you achieve for back pain relief, neck and shoulder pain as well as stress reduction.

No matter what your age or state of health, I will show you how to use your body’s intelligence to get the results you want.

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This is the breakthrough system that delivers profound results in the shortest time possible in simple to follow steps. Paul is that rare teacher who truly walks his talk. He constantly researches the field of health and longevity so that anything he develops will bring the user the best benefits possible. You can be assured that Paul has tried the techniques in Conscious Pain & Stress Reduction to assure you the best possible results in health and longevity.
-Judith Howard, Administrative Assistant, Toronto Ontario

Dear Mr. Tank, Before I went to your public talk on Back Pain Relief, Neck and Shoulder Pain I had a desperate need to see a doctor because I had all kinds of health problems and was not feeling well. I purchased your book, and I am learning all I can from it. In just a few weeks most of my health problems have gone and others are much better.
I had a serious skin condition that is almost completely gone as well as my allergies (sinusitis and rhinitis) that I had for many years. I can now play tennis again because of back pain relief, I sleep better than I have in a long time, my blood circulation has improved as well as my colitis, and I am not depressed like I used to be. The reason I am writing you is to thank you very much for sharing this life saving information with me because it has completely changed my life.
We need more people like you in this world. I am talking to my family and friends who want to hear about your ideas and how to use the solutions in your book for their health problems. Thanks again and have a great day.
-Gerardo Hernandez, Costa Rica

I worked with Paul Tank over a period of several years, learning the Breathing and Movement Techniques. The results for me were wonderful. I had read several books about the relationship of the body to emotional and mental states. And I could understand the connection between physical habits and all psychological habits. It made sense. By working with Paul’s Method, I began to see that it works. The effects of the movements on emotional states are at first subtle, but with a little patience, the results are indisputable.
—Monty Holaman, Playwright

I really enjoy doing breathing and movement lessons because it gives me clarity and flexibility. It also deeply relaxes my tensed up muscles. Apart from these immediate benefits, I look forward to the long term protection it gives me. My insides feel massaged and vitalized. Thank you so much, Paul, for such a well-thought out system for my mind, body and spirit.
-Evelyn Chau, performance coach, Toronto

Thanks for your remarkable book, Paul! You have really done a wonderful job of gathering important health information and presenting it so very well. I am impressed! I am especially enjoying the breathing/posture lessons. When I first moved to Costa Rica, I started having difficulty with asthma, and so I started doing some yogic breathing exercises to help correct the condition. Those exercises worked, but I must say, your exercises are far superior. Anyway, thanks again for your work. Best to you!
-Doug Stenstrom, retired business man

Paul’s unique methodology for back pain relief neck and shoulder pain in the body is amazing. In 1993, I developed Ankylosing Spondylitis in my spine creating chronic pain in my upper body, which severely restricted my neck and shoulder movement. I had been living with this condition for years until I met Paul; within weeks after being trained in his program, my inflammatory pain was reduced, and I began to have a greater range of movement. My long time rheumatoid doctor was astounded, and I was ecstatic! Now, three years later my pain level is almost gone, and I have regained my former active lifestyle thanks to the methodologies discussed in this book.
-Glenn Baines,Founder & Managing Director, Butterfly Conservatory,
Costa Rica

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